Cradled Pups was first birth as a general canine fashion clothing and retail line created by the company’s founder, Nicole Lewis.

Unable to locate a grooming salon that provided the same stellar results as her previous groomer, who sold his shop, she began partaking in grooming the family pet “Precious” herself. Deciding to make a career out of a passion, she landed her first pet grooming professional training and stylist position at Petco. There is where she studied the art of perfecting her craft. One year later she advanced as a contractor to a private upscale grooming salon.

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This provided her with an opportunity to explore her creative side towards advanced grooming and coat coloring. While working at the private salon, Nicole ventured into mobile grooming which inspired her to branch out on her own and establish her own luxury mobile grooming services. To this day Cradled Pups is an introduction to some of the most professional and luxury pet care services in the surrounding Houston area. We offer on site mobile pet grooming and grooming pet supplies to suit your needs.

 Understanding pet owners provide their pet with the healthiest and happiest quality of life possible, for 5 years we’ve taken great pride and strides to service our clients, both celebrity and ordinary, with top quality and confidential services. Because our beloved pets are a major part of our family and are trusting companions, we’ll help you show your appreciation for their unconditional love and devotion. Find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Cradled Pups Grooming Van

We understand life can sometimes be hectic and our beloved pets are not always the first priority. We offer a better way for you to handle a few priorities with just one stone without leaving your home or office. Let us handle your pet services so you won’t have to. Request an appointment today by booking or calling 713-899-3638. We’ll come to you!!!